Teri Burns for Natomas School Board 2018
"I will balance the budget
and reduce class sizes."
I will continue my fight for educational reform and find new ways to do more with less. Education must evolve to create new learning environments that are individualized to each student, unlocking their full potential. I believe that by working together with parents, teachers and our community we can give our kids the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

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I am proud to have the endorsements of:

  • Brian McInnis
  • Nancy Fox
  • John Griffing
  • Donna Brownsey
  • Kathy Bowler
  • Luke Breit
  • Missy Worthley-Peterson
  • Michele Judah-Saylor
  • Buddy Coffey
  • Pat Gunn
  • Kathi Hamilton
  • Arlene Wingfield
  • Joan Hall
  • Scott Barer
  • Michaela Durbin
  • Bill Meehan
  • Marcie Mortensson
  • Linda Zacharias
  • Scott Dosick, Natomas School Trustee
  • Susan Heredia, Natomas School Trustee
  • Lisa Kaplan, Natomas School Trustee
  • Heidi Weiland, El Dorado County Board of Ed.
  • Martha Fluor, Newport-Mesa School Trustee
  • Katie Dexter, Lemon Grove School Trustee
  • Michael Baker, Twin Rivers Trustee
  • Amy Christianson, Butte County Board of Ed.
  • Larry Miles, Former San Juan Trustee
  • Gene Inderkum, Former Natomas USD Trustee
  • Bruce Roberts, Former Natomas USD Trustee
  • Susan Markarian, Pacific Union School Trustee
  • Camille Maben, Rocklin School Trustee
  • Gary Miller, Roseville School Trustee
  • Cindy Marks, Modesto School Trustee
  • Jesus Holguin, Moreno Valley School Trustee
  • Diana Rains
  • Marcos Seide
  • Darryl R. Adams
  • Kristen West
  • Larry McCabe
  • Holly Taggart Dallas
  • Annette Emery
  • Sherry DeBoer
  • Skip Daum
  • Rick Gott
  • Sondra Betancourt
  • Assemblyman Kevin McCarty
  • Assemblyman Ken Cooley
  • Assemblyman Jim Cooper
  • Supervisor Phil Serna
  • Mayor Darrell Steinberg
  • Councilmember Steve Hansen
  • Genevieve Shiroma, SMUD Board member
  • Dennis Mangers, Former Assm. Member
  • Gregg Fishman, SMUD Board member
  • Delaine Eastin, Former State Superintendent
  • Dr. General Davie, Former NUSD Superintendent
  • Dr. Bobbie Plough, Former NUSD Superintendent
  • Dr. Walt Hanline, Former NUSD Superintendent
  • Steve Farrar, Former NUSD Superintendent
  • Dave Tooker, Former NUSD Superintendent
  • Roger Dickinson, Former Assm. Member
  • Jack O’Connell, Former State Superintendent
  • Howard Posner, Former SMUD Board member
  • Gary Sandy, Yolo County Supervisor
  • Barbara O’Connor, Ph.D.
  • Doyle Radford
  • Joe Gibson
  • Pamela Swartwood
  • Pam Gibbs
  • Councilmember Eric Guerra
  • Brian Rivas, Former Sacramento County Board of Ed.
  • Bob Schelen
  • Angelo Williams
  • Wendy Phoenix
  • Manuel Buenrostro
  • Gordon Jackson
  • Ann Veu
  • Rosalia Vasquez-Cedillo
  • Irene Ogbonna
  • Elizabeth Guillen
  • Steve Swatt
  • James Tetreault
  • James C. Clica-Hernandez
  • Dolly Mclellan
  • Ken MacDonald
  • California Association For The Gifted
  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447
  • Democratic Party of Sacramento
  • Stonewall Democratic Club
  • Peter Birdsall
  • Dr. Ting Sun
  • Charlie Leo
  • Tom Rutten
  • Steve Korvink
  • Jack Gualco
  • Sam Catalano
  • Patricia McKelvey
  • Dave Patterson
  • Luis Jiminez
  • Black Women Organized for Political Action
  • Darrell Roberts
  • Mel Assagai
  • Bonnie Slosson
  • Sharon Maccini
  • Hope Gawlick
  • Northern CA Carpenters
  • Laborers Local 185
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

As the former State Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Teri Burns has the knowledge to bring the best ideas in educational reform back to our local Natomas classrooms. Teri’s fight for investment in new technology is paying off by providing our students 21st century job skills while increasing graduation rates.
Teri Burns Teaching
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